Weekly Work Report – 31 March 2017

Please find the weekly report from the weekday team who attend the Railway (Tuesdays and Thursday’s).

Here is the first of the new sets of is the new set of points to be installed outside the soon to be installed storage container

Richard, Mark, Lindsay’s and Ralph working out the alignment of we the points need to go in.

Richard starting to remove the straight piece of track to put the new points in.

The points now in place and ballasted

Ralph working on more compaction for the new turning triangle track base.

Wednesday we had Anthony, from Artistic Concreting, come down and complete the footings for the new storage containers. The next series of photos shows the work that was undertaken.
To get the containers as low to the ground as possible, an old tree stump had to be removed.

The removed stump!

The footing closest to the workshop door.

The middle footing joining the two containers. Notice the H shape to ensure they stay level and connected.

The rear footing and entry step.

The completed footings

The finished middle footing

The front footing completed.

Work has started on the second set of points for the new triangle are underway.

Some damage was caused run down ramp from the transverser. Here work is being undertaken to fix it.

Putting new ballast in.

The shipping container being moved in preparedness for the lift.

Moving the other end.

And so ends the wrap up for this week. If you have anything to ask or want to come down and help, drop us a line.