Title: Altona Miniature Railway full

Added: August 17, 2015
A full video like the other, but with over 160 still photos added, suggest you pause to look at a photo. A day at the Altona Miniature Railway 16th august 2015.

Title: Altona Miniature Railway 30th Birthday 18/7/2015

Added: July 22, 2015
On Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of July, Altona Miniature Railway celebrated 30 years of the railway being located at Paisley Park. This video captures the action from the Saturday inter-club run. Enjoy!

Title: Altona2015

Added: July 20, 2015
Fun run sat. 18th July 2015 saw the return to steam of MAROS and the running of 13graincars as well. Well done Altona Miniature Railway!

Title: Altona Miniature Railway Driver’s Eye View 16th of August 2014

Added: September 1, 2014
On Saturday the 16th of August 2014, Altona Miniature Railway had their interclub run. This was one of the first days that they had their new track extension running. I took the opportunity to film a driver’s eye view on one of the member’s locomotive’s. Enjoy!

Title: La-Quinta running tender first

Added: July 22, 2010
Matthew’s La-Quinta 2-6-0 running tender first up the cutting on our July Runday.

Title: Forney in Cutting

Added: July 22, 2010
Adrian’s 2-4-4T Forney heading up the cutting with a load of passengers on our July Runday.

Title: AMR InterClub Run May 2009

Added: May 24, 2009
Paul’s video of the 2009 InterClub Event.

Title: SW1500 – Leaving the Station

Added: April 25, 2009
Sarah at the controls of the clubs new SW1500 from Rail Systems Company in the USA.
Sarah is pulling out of the station.
The engine arrive before Easter and this was it’s first run at the track.
(Please note this was recorded on a still camera, and thus the lower quality.)

Title: Altona Miniature Railway Post Convention Run

Added: March 30, 2008
The Wednesday after the 52nd AALS convention at Altona Miniature Railway.
We see a 2-10-4 running with a long train.

Title: Altona Miniature Railway – Ride Around 1

Added: January 21, 2007
Rob Cox’s first attempt at a video of the ride around Altona.
This was during the pack-up of our last runday and I had to end the video coming into the tunnel.

Title: Miniature Live Steam Locomotive – Firing

Added: December 26, 2006
Video of Rob Cox’s 7 1/4inch 0-4-4T Engine driving at Altona Miniature Railway.

Title: Ride around Altona Miniature Railway

Added: March 30, 2008
Take a ride around the Altona Miniature Railway,
behind a large 2-10-4 on the Wednesday after the AALS convention in 2008.

Title:Werribee Park Railway – AMR Visit

Added: May 05, 2008
Altona Miniature Railway (formally Altona & SouthWestern)
having a visit run at the old Werribee Park Miniature Railway which was located
on the grounds of Werribee Park Zoo. This was filmed in the late 80’s.
This railway was removed in the early ninety’s in the re-development of the park.
It was a shame as it was a great railway – Enjoy.

Title: Arriving at the Station

Added: March 04, 2007
This is a video from the end of the inside loop, crossing the diamond crossing and arriving at our new station.